Swine Flu returns - protect yourself and your business with Virokill!


Virokill range

Virokill is a high performance, alcohol based, hand sanitiser. It is active against viruses (including swine flu) and a wide range of bacteria including MRSA. It is formulated to meet the strict requirements set out by European Standard EN 1500.


  • Kills viruses and bacteria (including Swine Flu and MRSA)

  • Formulated to meet EN 1500

  • Incorporates moisturising components which leave hands feeling soft and without a sticky residue

Application: Massage a small amount into hands until dry
Notes: Supplied in convenient 125ml bottles (48 per case) or 1 litre bottles with lotion pumps (12 per case).
Summer arrives! Time to get the car sparkling again!

We are all guilty of letting our cars get a little bit dirty during the winter, it is cold, it is wet and we'd rather just stay inside! But not the sun has returned, it is time to get out and get the car looking spectacular again! We have a very broad range of products, whether you want a quick wash, a full valet or if you want to spend your day doing a full detail, we have products to help!

Car Shampoo

A rich, neutral detergent for hand washing of vehicles. Highly concentrated formulation designed for dilution in warm water. Gentle on the skin. Removes all forms of road dirt and grime.

  • Car Shampoo
Application: Dilute in warm water and apply with sponge/wash mitt.

Paint Sealant

An advanced synthetic sealant for the protection of vehicle paint work - a modern alternative to waxing. Supplied as a liquid for quick and easy application.

  • Paint sealant
Application: Apply directly to paintwork and spread evenly over the surface with a microfibre cloth. Allow approximately 10 minutes to dry and then buff off using a microfibre cloth. The product will develop and harden over approximately an hour.

Tar and Oil Dissolver

Tar and Oil Dissolver is a heavy duty solvent based product which quickly and effectively dissolves oils and tars which commonly build up on vehicle paintwork. Contains an advance blend making it effective against both light oils and heavy greases and contains a special solubiliser making it easy to wash off.

  • Tar and Oil Removal
  • Fly and Insect Removal
Application: Spray directly onto paintwork or apply using a soft cloth. Allow several minutes to penetrate and remove using a high pressure spray or sponge/wash mitt.